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At Scott Wilson Media we prepare you for every media opportunity facing you and your company. We believe that proactive planning, with a specific message, is the only way to go into a media interview. Furthermore, it is essential to have exact sound bites planned in advance.

Successfully dealing with the media is often no different from succeeding in any other part of your business; it requires planning, strategy, hard work and allocation of resources.

Whether you are preparing for interviews with The Scotsman, Radio Scotland, Real Radio, Radio Forth or any media outlet, we can make you shine. Our goal is simple: to make you confident, comfortable and relaxed in any interview situation AND give you the ability to control not only your message but also your exact quotes used by the media.

The old saying that “today’s news is tomorrow’s fish supper wrappers” is no longer true; we’ll tell you why AND how to avoid careless words coming back to haunt you.

Communications training

Many of our clients specify training for their staff from a “normal person”. What they mean is that they don’t want an ultra slick buzzword filled “lecturer”, they want a trainer who can read the audience and interact with them at their level.

The most common feedback we receive confirms that we achieve these aims. We speak with people not at them, we encourage feedback and interaction; we don’t discourage it. We believe that people learn better when they can engage with the trainer.

If you need “on the level” training for your team using a course that’s designed around your needs then contact us.

We specialise in Internal and External Communications, Customer Service, Crisis Management and Building Teams.


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