Dying for your faith

Whilst I’d rarely criticise anyone for their faith, it’s theirs after all, I do question the wisdom of Muslims fasting during Ramadan and continuing to work. Last night en route to dinner at my niece’s home in Dubai, our taxi driver was really struggling to stay awake. I questioned why he was so tired and discovered that he’d been awake since 3:30am in order to eat (Suhur) before sunrise. It was now after 5pm and despite temperatures around 45* C he’d had no food or water for over 13 hours, and he was driving my wife and me in a taxi….


His primary focus was making it to Iftar the post sunset meal in one piece.

Meanwhile the Khaleej Times ( an essential daily read if only to chuckle at the bad grammar) reports an increase in road deaths since the start of Ramadan last Thursday.

Fasting is fine if you’re sitting around in the shade doing hee haw all day (although it’s still tough) but to expect someone to survive all day driving a taxi on roads that scare the s**t out of you when you’re fully compos mentis can’t be right can it?


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